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DSTV Installations Caledon Village offers the best professional and quality service when it comes to getting your DSTV Installed. We are a qualified and certified DSTV Installation company and not only do we assist with just installations of DSTV but we also offer repairs as well. Once you have purchased you DSTV you can contact DSTV Installer  Caledon Village  to come a install it for you.

DSTV Installer  Caledon Village offer same day service and we will make sure that the installation is done correctly. We are also suppliers of DSTV decoders and the dish and we will guide you through the purchasing progress with us.  Our team will be able to assist you in choosing the correct DSTV package to suit your needs. DSTV Installations Caledon Village  comes in several packages and we will advise you on what each package consists of.  If you are looking to get your DSTV installed our call centre will log your call and send out one of our installers to assist you.   An installation generally takes about 2 and half hours to 3 hours, but this is dependent on what is needed for the installation.  For more information on DSTV and the installation you can click on the following link provided https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DStv

Single View DSTV
Single View DSTV

Single view DSTV is the simplest of the DSTV packages.  This requires only one DSTV Decoder and is best suited for a single person or two persons that will not need to be watching different channels and the same time.  Any DSTV Package can be chosen. The single view DSTV does not allow for extra viewing but you can use a PVR Decoder to record programmes as well as have DSTV Catch up at DSTV Installations Caledon Village.


DSTV Xtraview allows each member in the household to view different channels and at the same time.  You will need more than one DSTV Decoder installed in each of the rooms that one will be viewing the television. Only one dish is needed but each of the decoders are connected to the one dish. This is suited for a larger family that all have different viewing interests at DSTV Installer  Caledon Village.


DSTV PVR Decoder is only available on the DSTV premium package.  This decoder is used for recording any programmes. DSTV Installations Caledon Village  get the most benefits from the PVR decoder and it is the most favourable choice.

Dstv Installations Caledon Village

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DSTV also comes with extras such as DSTV Catch Up and Showmax.  The Showmax will however need to be connected to your internet and our DSTV Installers can assist wyhith that. Showmazx consists of a variety of movies and series to choose from. DSTV Catch up saves programmes that you may have missed and are able to view them once they are shown on the DSTV Catch Up list.

For the best DSTV Installations in Caledon Village contact us today. We are ready and waiting to get you started in having your DSTV installed.