Q: How long does a DSTV installation take?

A: This is all dependent on the availability of the DSTV installation company.  Generally once you have contacted them it can take up to a day for them to come through to you to install your DSTV.  An installation can take up 2 – 3 hours but this is also dependent on what the installation requires.

Q: Is DSTV available in HD (high definition)?

A: Yes there are selected channels on DSTV which are in HD.

Q: How many DSTV accounts can I register?

A: The most amount that can be registered on ones name is four accounts.

Q: Can you watch DSTV while overseas?

A: No you cannot.  DSTV is only registered to South Africa.

Q: Can DSTV be connected to the internet?

A: Yes, with Showmax now being available it does require to be connected to the internet.

Q:  What is DSTV Now?

A: DSTV now allows you to view DSTV on different devices, phones, laptops and tablets.

Q: Can you choose the channels that you want on your package?

A: No, all packages have been pre-made.  We offer different packages to choose from but one cannot choose their own channels.

Q: Where do I get the DSTV Guide?

A: A DSTV Guide is posted out, but can also be viewed on DSTV if you push TV Guide on your remote control.

Q: Can I record programmes if I don’t have a PVR Decoder?

A: In order to be able to record you will need the PVR Decoder.

Q: Can I upgrade my DSTV at any time?

A: Yes you can upgrade your DSTV at any time, however monthly subscription will be more.